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Social justice

Comments on Social Justice

2 comments to Social justice

  • otto

    If it is a person’s duty to do something then the act of doing it is morally right and it would be wrong not to do it. However, ‘morally right action’ does not necessarily mean that it is a person’s duty to do the act. Suppose it is right to give a needy student one dollar to buy a lunch at noon. This does not mean that a specific staff member who offered the student some money, had a duty to give the money. He may have met his duty by giving to charity on other occasions.

  • otto

    Doing one’s duty may or may not be an object of interest or disinterest. It may be one’s duty to pay taxes even though this is regarded as an object of disinterest by most taxpayers. On the other hand, it may be one’s duty to support the inter-scholastic sports program at school. A person might meet this duty by coaching a group of boys in basketball. It is possible that this may also be an object of interest for a coach.

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