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About us

Sponsor a Village

Sponsor a Village is a simple way to support projects that are in need of additional funds. This web site serves as a channel on the Internet that non-profit organizations with a Charitable Registration number can use to raise money to provide community services in education and health care.  A donor to a particular project receives a tax-deductible receipt.

Mission and Philosophy
Sponsor a Village is guided by the following principles:
1. Choice. Donors choose the Project they consider so crucial that they want to support it.
2. Engagement. Local people will be encouraged to participate in the implementation.
3. Sharing. The people who benefit from a Project will submit pictures and comments on the progress of
the Project.
4. Inclusiveness. No contribution is too small or too big. Everyone can participate in the joy of giving.

Donors select projects and fund them, in whole or in part. They receive a tax-deductible receipt from the non-profit organization which has submitted the Project. No contribution by a Sponsor is too small. The goal of Sponsor a Village is to provide everyone with an opportunity to contribute to Projects designed to help  less fortunate people around the world. People of all ages want to experience the joy of giving – here is a great opportunity. And, you can observe the fruits of your contribution. Just visit to view the pictures and read the comments from the people who benefited from your contribution.

Spread the word
Consider the following strategies for letting many potential sponsors know about their Project. First, apply the ‘Six degree of separation’ rule. A well known Harvard researcher, Stanley Milgram, discovered that, on average, people can get to a stranger through a series of six people calling someone they know. Organizations are encouraged to apply this strategy. So, talk to your family, friends and co-workers about becoming Sponsors! Build a community of Sponsors! Second, apply the strategy used by Howard Dean when he ran for the leadership of the Democratic Party. His supporters contacted many organizations and asked them to contact their networks to tell them about his leadership race. Similarly, contact the organizations you know and ask them to sponsor a Project. The application of these two strategies could create a wide network of interested sponsors.

Sponsor a Village ownership
Sponsor a Village is owned and operated by:
Otto Toews (Ph. D.)

*All Projects are endorsed by non-profit organizations with Charitable Registration numbers which authorizes them to issue tax receipts.
Copyright © 2006. Sponsor a Village. All rights reserved. Dr. Otto Toews

Manager/Editor: Otto Toews (Ph. D.)