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Privacy Policy

Sponsor a Village

Sponsor a Village respects and values your privacy. Sponsor a Village is committed to the following Privacy Policy re collecting, protecting and using personal and private information received from non-profit organizations, donors.

Personal information
Sponsor a Village collects personal information from non-profit organizations requesting to post Projects on the Sponsor a Village website. Sponsor a Village also collects personal information about donors when they make a donation. Sponsor a Village will not sell, rent or trade this information to a third party. Sponsor a Village will not reveal the name or identity of a donor without written consent from the donor. Sponsor a Village permits non-profit organizations to post information and pictures about their projects on the web site of Sponsor a Village provided that the non-profit organization has written approval from the people identified in the information and pictures. Only the first name of people under 18 can be referenced.

Sponsor a Village sends email updates to current and potential non-profit organizations and donors. Names and email addresses are held in complete confidence and will not be sold, rented, traded or otherwise revealed to a third party. Anyone who has been contacted has the option to request that their names and addresses be removed from any email listing developed by Sponsor a Village.

Online donations
All online donations are safe and secure. Sponsor a Village uses industry-standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to protect the confidentiality of personal information and the security of all transactions. Sponsor a Village donations are processed through a 3rd-party service, ClearWave.

Sponsor a Village uses PayPal to process donations. When a donor makes a donation via PayPal on the Sponsor a Village web site, the donor’s personal information is subject to PayPal’s data collection practices. For a full description, please go to PayPal.

Links to Non-profit Organizations
Sponsor a Village provides links from our site to the websites of particitpating non-profit organizations but Sponsor a Village is not responsible for the content or information on those sites. Sponsor a Village has no ability to control the privacy and data collection practices of such sites and the privacy policies of such sites may differ from that of Sponsor a Village. Please review and understand the privacy policies of such sites before you make a donation to a particular Project.

Sponsor a Village does not intend to collect personal information from children under the age of 18. Anyone under 18 years old should not provide personal information on Sponsor a Village website or make a donation to a non-profit organization on this site without the supervision or written authorization of an adult.

Subject to changes
Sponsor a Village reserves the right to change and update this policy. Review this privacy policy on how Sponsor a Village protects your information.

If you would like more information about the Privacy Policy or Sponsor a Village, contact me at

*All Projects are endorsed by non-profit organizations with Charitable Registration numbers which authorizes them to issue tax receipts. Copyright © 2006. Sponsor a Village. All rights reserved. Dr. Otto Toews