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Mae and Bill’s conversation about desert

Mae was about to frame the argument for what and why a moral person deserves something when Bill interrupted her to point out, “Deserve can be and frequently is used in a non-moral sense as well.”  He gave an obvious example, “A teacher deserves the attention of the class.” At the same time, he acknowledged, “Deserve […] […]

Be a volunteer

Support a person recovering from mental illness. Click HERE. […]


Be a volunteer to help a student in your neighborhood with writing an ESSAY. Click HERE. […]


Be a volunteer to help a student in your neighborhood with writing a report. Click HERE. […]

Doing wrong in small matters

Sometimes it is argued that people do wrong acts for wrong’s sake in small matters. Some people say that young people sometimes get involved in petty theft just for kicks thereby suggesting that they did what was wrong for wrong’s sake. In other words, it is suggested that they do not pursue an object of interest […] […]

Motive – people, character and motives

People who have the pejorative characteristics are called: scoundrel, wretch, blackguard, cad, villain, heel, or rat. The term ‘morally good’ is also applied to people, character, and motives. The terms ‘morally good’ and ‘morally bad’ can be used to explain the meaning of these terms. Source: So You Think You can Think – Motive So You Think You can Think – Table of […] […]

Nouns – YouTube Tutorial

Nouns probably cause you the least problems … they simply refer to persons, places or things that are part of your everyday life. To learn more about nouns, listen to my YouTube Tutorial – click HERE. […]

Persuading Part B – YouTube Tutorial

To learn more about effective persuading strategies, listen to my YouTube Tutorial B – click HERE. […]

Persuading Part A – YouTube Tutorial

When a writer takes a position on a controversial issue, readers want to be persuaded before they accept the writer’s position.To learn more about false persuading strategies, listen to my YouTube Tutorial A – click HERE. […]

See Moi’s Journal Entry

9 June 2010 – Wednesday It was the first lesson of the program, which took about 2 and a half hours (10.00 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.).  There were 39 Year 6 students participating the program.   First, they sat for a pre-test in an hour’s time.  The pre-test consisted of 3 sections in the UPSR (Malaysian Primary […] […]