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ENGLISH: Grammar and Writing

English 2020 title page only pfd.

ENGLISH: Grammar and Writing offers notes and assignments on grammar and writing.  The Grammar section provides specific examples of correct grammar usage, explains them and follows up with many assignments. An Answer Key is available.

About the Authors

The authors have been involved in research and development of English writing resources for many years. As a principal, Assistant Superintendent, university lecturer and courseware developer, Dr. Otto Toews has concentrated his research on developing hard copy and digital learning resources and software focused on improving students’ ability to write expository text. In 1999, he received the Dr. John M. Brown Award ‘for his outstanding contribution to teacher education in Manitoba’. Ms. Joan McCreath acquired a strong background in Language Arts through her wide experience as a teacher, Language Arts Consultant, Gifted Consultant, Principal, university lecturer, external consultant and advisor to Manitoba Department of Education and Training. She has written and edited many curriculum resources on reading and writing for grades K – 12 including a course designed for Senior High ESL students. She was contracted to write a national report on the Language Arts curriculums offered across Canada. In 2005, she received the Lieutenant Governor’s Literacy Award in Manitoba for her work promoting literacy in schools and communities.

Dr. Toews conducted a ten year Study on how to improve students’ ability to write paragraphs, essays and reports using the learning materials developed by the authors. The performance of the students in the Study was assessed by a research team from the University of Manitoba which used pre- and post tests on pilot and control groups. The students in the pilot groups consistently showed significantly greater improvements in their writing than the students in the control groups.

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