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GrammarQuiz – Regular & Irregular Verbs

Identify the correct verb in brackets.

If you have difficulties with this Quiz on Irregular Verbs, go to my YouTube Tutorial – Click on INTRODUCTION /OR/ APPLICATION.

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1. Do you (catch caught) the ball with your right hand? Answer Key – Click HERE

2. Sally (draw drew) a perfect circle. Answer Key – Click HERE

3. John (broke break) his arm playing football. Answer Key – Click HERE

4. My sister (is was) home now. Answer Key – Click HERE

5. Kevin (drove drive) to the lake last night. Answer Key – Click HERE

6. We (shall eat ate) dinner early tomorrow. Answer Key – Click HERE

7. My parents (left leave) for Europe yesterday. Answer Key – Click HERE

8. They (will go went) to Europe again next year. Answer Key – Click HERE

9. Does Ken (know knew) how to send email? Answer Key – Click HERE

10.  I (give gave) Jane a ride home this morning. Answer Key – Click HERE

11.  We (saw see) a beautiful sunset last evening. Answer Key – Click HERE

12.  Bill (got get) his foot caught in the door. Answer Key – Click HERE

13.  Don’t (forget forgot) to bring your books. Answer Key – Click HERE

14.  They (rode ride) their bikes through the park last week. Answer Key – Click HERE

15.  Please (take took) your clothes to your room. Answer Key – Click HERE

16.  Anne (wrote write) letters to all her friends. Answer Key – Click HERE

17.  Joe (runs ran) two miles every day. Answer Key – Click HERE

18.  Where will you (sit sat) at the concert? Answer Key – Click HERE

19.  He (fell fall) and twisted his ankle. Answer Key – Click HERE

20.  My neighbours (were are) at the concert last night. Answer Key – Click HERE