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GrammarQuiz – Linking Verbs

Identify the correct verb in brackets.

If you have difficulties with this Quiz on Linking Verbs, go to my YouTube Tutorial – Click on INTRODUCTION /OR/ APPLICATION.

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1. John (become, became) committed to his training. Answer Key – Click HERE.

2. The cook (appear, appeared) tired after a long day in the kitchen. Answer Key – Click HERE.

3. Mother (feel, felt) sorry for the sick children. Answer Key – Click HERE.

4. The watchman (stay, stayed) up all night long. Answer Key – Click HERE.

5. Last night at the party, some foods (taste, tasted) better than others. Answer Key – Click HERE.

6. Betty (appear, appeared) promptly. Answer Key – Click HERE.

7. Cookies (taste, tastes) delicious with cold milk. Answer Key – Click HERE.

8. My friend John (look, looks) like a movie star. Answer Key – Click HERE.

9. The police (prove, proved) that the money was stolen from the local store. Answer Key – Click HERE.

10. That performer (sound, sounds) like a famous opera singer. Answer Key – Click HERE.

11. My friends (stay, stayed) late when they come. Answer Key – Click HERE.

12. Gasoline (smell, smells) very strong. Answer Key – Click HERE.

13. Most labourers (look, looks) tired by the end of a long working day. Answer Key – Click HERE.

14. The rock band (sound, sounds) very loud. Answer Key – Click HERE.

15. Some rock bands (sound, sounds) louder than others. Answer Key – Click HERE.

16. The destruction from the earthquake (remain, remains) unchanged. Answer Key – Click HERE.

17. In my garden, tomato plants (grow, grows) very well. Answer Key – Click HERE.

18. The leaves (turn, turns) color in the fall. Answer Key – Click HERE.

19. We (keep, keeps) warm by making a huge bonfire. Answer Key – Click HERE.

20. I (feel, feels) sick now because I (eat, ate) too much for dinner. Answer Key – Click HERE.