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Be the best in your class … in English grammar!

Adjectives – Click HERE

Adjectives Level II – Click HERE

Adjectives Level III – Click HERE

Adverbs – Click HERE

Adverbs Level II – click HERE

Adverbs III click HERE

Articles – Click HERE

Capitalization – Click HERE

Clauses – Dependent and Independent – click HERE 

Conjunctions – click HERE 

Dangling Modifiers – click HERE 

Misplaced Modifiers – click HERE 

Negatives click HERE 

Nouns – Click HERE

Phrases – click HERE 

Prepositional phrases – click HERE 

Pronouns – Click HERE

Pronouns and antecedents – Click HERE

Punctuation – Click HERE

Sentence – Kinds of sentences – Click HERE

Sentence order – Click HERE

Sentence problems – Click HERE

Sentence – Simple sentence – Click HERE

Tenses – Simple tenses – click HERE

Verbs – Action and no-action verbs – Click HERE 

Verbs – Linking verbs – click HERE

Verbs – Regular and irregular verbs – click HERE

Verbs – Subject/Verb-agreement – Click HERE

Verbs – Tenses: Perfect, Progressive Level II – click HERE 


Pronouns – Case

Pronouns – Gender

Pronouns – Number

Pronouns II

Punctuation II