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Introduction: Terms and judgements

The term ‘rights’ introduces the notion of someone having a right to do something or having a right to something. This sense of the word “right” makes reference to objects of interest that people have. ‘Object of interest‘ refers to everything a person would like to have, prefer, wish for or want. On the other hand, ‘object of disinterest‘ refers to anything a person does not wish for or want.

How to use these resources

  • Read the Dilemma … every Dilemma is focused on issues related to schools because we are all familiar with schools
  • Discuss the Dilemma
  • Consider the view that is presented … it explains and illustrates the terms and judgements used on the moral topic
  • Apply one or more Moral Principal Value Test to the Dilemma (follow the links)
  • View the Dilemma from the persective of all aspects of moral issues: duty, rights, motive, desert and justice (follow the links)
  • Follow the same procedure to discuss issues of your choice
  • Identify and plan a specific Action Plan you or your group is prepared to implement
  • Join in the conversation by leaving your comments in the blog. Click HERE.