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How you can help

It cost $40.00 CAD (Canadian Dollars) to register a student in the Room to Read and Write Saturday program. Unfortunately, the parents cannot afford to pay for the registration. Many steps have been taken to reduce the registration fee to $40.00 . . . corporations in Malaysia sponsor the program, the teacher training is done by volunteers from Canada; the English learning resources have been customized to meet their needs at no cost to them.

You can help by making a donation to cover the registration fee of $40.00 per student. Our goal is to register 200 students across four schools this summer. Here is how you can make a donation:

  • Make a donation for
    • Half of the registration for one student – $20.00
    • Full registration for one student – $40.00
    • Full registration for two students – $80.00
    • Full registration for three students – $120.00

Thank you for your interest in the educational success of children in remote schools in Malaysia. Be sure to visit our site often to learn about the success of the students in the program. Help us ‘spread the word’ about this opportunity to enable children and young people succeed in school.

Make a donation that best suits your circumstance.

  1. Donate online – click on Donate Now in the left margin OR
  2. Contact any one of the following:
  • Philip Tham in Canada by email at
  • Theresa Tham in Malaysia at

Dedicated Team

This Program is the direct result of a dedicated efforts of the Tham family which includes:

  • Philip Tham -Director
  • Edward Tham – Coordinator
  • Theresa Tham – Corporate Fundraiser in Asia

Theresa Tham Funding Manager

Theresa Tham