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Room to Read and Write Program

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Dr. Otto and Ms. Joan (Click HERE)

Room to Read and Write Program is a supplementary English program designed to prepare students for Junior and Senior high school English. Although it includes Lessons and Assignments on English vocabulary, grammar and reading, it is focused particularly on improving students’ writing which poses the biggest problem for most students.

Student study book

The curriculum is based on a Canadian based program called Read More … Write More which includes lessons and assignments on English vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing. A wide variety of interactive teaching strategies were incorporated into the program. Every Tuesday morning, the authors of the program explained the lessons which the teachers would present the following Saturday. It was also an opportunity for teachers to discuss the challenges they faced in the classroom. The teacher training was done online using Skype. The teachers met with their classes every Saturday morning for four hours in which they worked through the lesson and assignment on English vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing.

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Since the focus of the program was on improving the students’ writing, the authors/trainers reviewed and prepared written feedback comments on virtually all of the students’ writing assignments. This generated a significant data base of students writing which the authors/trainers assessed to determine the progress students were making in writing paragraphs. This served as the primary basis for assessing the effectiveness of the program.

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Dr. Otto Toews and Ms. Joan McCreath