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Another success story

Tenom School – 2009

Tenom School has been involved in Room to Read and Write from the beginning.  The grade six students at Tenom School took the State English Exam which they have to pass in order to continue with their education. ALL THE GRADE SIX STUDENTS PASSED THE STATE ENGLISH EXAM!

Here is how Edward Tham, Project Coordinator in Sabah, described the celebration of the students’ success.

“Just came back from Tenom 10 mins ago, can’t wait to update to regarding the party… it was very very impressive….simple but GRAND!!

All the parents brought the food …  more than 26 differents dish es… I couldn’t try all the dishes. The teacher in charge, Teacher Mary Ng, gave the Power point presentation about the program before the party to the invited guests. Beside students and their parents, most of the directors of the school were also invited. The principal was invited to make the opening speech, followed by the representative of the board of directors, then I was also invited to make a speech. We all ate the delicious food, People were taking photos with all the students. After dinner, the party continues with students presentation, it was very  interesting … everyone loved it.

We had the certificate presentation after that, and also exchanged suviniors.

I will email you the photos after I have download from my sell phone and digital camera.

The parents also spent some money on presents for the outstanding students and for those who had 100% for the attendance. The students  done a very good job designing their dictionary and assignment files. Wow! Teacher Mary is very good at this. She is a retired teacher and still committe to do anything for the school for 3 years…that is very very touching.

Student receives certificate Teacher receives recognition



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