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See Moi’s Journal Entry

9 June 2010 – Wednesday

It was the first lesson of the program, which took about 2 and a half hours (10.00 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.).  There were 39 Year 6 students participating the program.   First, they sat for a pre-test in an hour’s time.  The pre-test consisted of 3 sections in the UPSR (Malaysian Primary Schools Assessment) format, i.e. sentence construction, information transfer and note-expansion (refer to Appendix). It was used to collect data on the students’ performance in writing skills.  Next, the students were divided into groups of 3 or 4 with mixed abilities of proficiency. Then, the lesson was carried out using the Student Studybook through power-point presentation.  While doing the assignment in Lesson 3 of Unit 1, the students discussed and constructed sentences in groups based on the pictures and words given.  The teacher played the role as a facilitator.  Before the lesson ended, the students handed in their work for marking.


The students were sitting for a pretest at the school canteen.

10 June 2010 – Thursday

The students’ work on Lesson 3 of Unit 1 were marked and returned to them.  I pointed out their common mistakes and went through the answers with them. The Lessons 4 and 5 of Unit 1 were covered.  It seemed that the students were more interested on the writing session than the reading comprehension.   After a brief explanation, they discussed with each other, tried their best to contribute ideas and asked me questions for words or ideas that they did not know how to express in English.  From my observation, they liked doing group activities for they had the chance to talk more than me. Ha! Ha! It’s a good sign.


The students were doing their assignments in groups.

11 June 2010 – Friday

The students’ group assignments on Lesson 5 of Unit 1 were collected and marked.  Correction was done with teacher’s comments for every piece of work.  I started the lesson with a discussion on the students’ common mistakes.  Then, excellent ideas from the group assignments were extracted and a sample answer was done.  The students jotted it down in their study-books as reference.  The students were then given a photocopy of their own group assignments.  They were to rewrite the sentences in their exercise books as homework.  On this third lesson, I managed to cover the Lessons 1 to 3 of Unit 2.

This group photo was taken before the lesson ended. Aren’t they cute?