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Tenom School

The Luckiest Class in ’07!

The Class of 2007 in SJK(C) Tsi Sin Primary School located in the rolling hills of central Malaysia was the luckiest class. They were fortunate to be able to participated in the Room to Read and Write Saturday Program. The results? ALL the students who took the State English Exam PASSED! Now they are one step closer to entering high school. These students are acquiring the English skills necessary to enter high school and graduate. Students, parents, teachers and the whole community celebrated this wonderful success story.

More students want to register in the Room to Read and Write Saturday Program. Imagine children wanting to spend their Saturdays learning English … that’s commitment! The success of the students at SJK(C) Tsi Sin Primary School is encouraging students in other schools to learn English in Saturday classes.

SJK(C) Tsi Sin Primary