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I mentioned two other terms that belong to the class of ‘just’ – fair and equitable. ‘Fair’ may be used in an objective and subjective sense as is the case with ‘just’. The former sense is reflected in the statement ‘He did the only fair thing to do’. The later sense is meant when it […] […]

Rights – Authority

We use the term ‘authority’ a lot in every day conversation. So, let me explain how we use it in the moral and non-moral sense. In the moral use of the word, we say a person with ‘authority’ has the right to issue commands. In the formal institutional sense, it is used to refer to […] […]


This second class of terms, of which the word ‘right’ is a representative term, includes many other terms which have a similar meaning as the word “right”. Some of these terms are: claim, prerogative, justified, warrant, entitled, give, bestow, lend,, own, belong,  have, own, his,  hers,  yours, mine, property, sell, purchase, buy, ownership, inherit, confer, legitimate, […] […]

Style and tone - Sample report

Communicating by Text in a High Tech Age The bottom line, though, is that writing should never be compromised. Text is the central way of communicating with other people on the Web, and it deserves closer attention than it’s been getting. “Writing on the Web”, Joshua Allen, Senior editor for Webmonkey, 1999. Since text continues […] […]

Style and tone

Style and tone – FREE Lesson What readers expect from style and tone: voice … clarity … authority. Click HERE or go to WRITING at for a FREE Lesson. COMMENTS I welcome your comments. HELP Click HERE or go to to help children in remote villages learn English. […]