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Interactive teaching strategies


Upon successful completion, students should understand and be able to:

  • use an expanding English vocabulary
  • read a variety of information texts at the intermediate level
  • use basic English grammar correctly when they write
  • write sentences using several sentence patterns
  • write paragraphs


Although writing is the focus of this course, vocabulary, reading and grammar are part of the course. Students should be coached to read frequently so that they learn to recognize English text structure. They should be encouraged to listen to spoken English to develop an ear for what sounds right. They should also be engaged in speaking English. By using new words in conversation, they develop a more thorough understanding of English.

The teacher’s role is central. The following broad categories are the basis for teaching writing:

  • Direct instruction: demonstrate, instruct, pose questions
  • Class activities: model specific strategies and support students as they work on class activities
  • Independent assignments: require students to complete assignments independently. The teacher’s role is to set clear performance goals to provide specific feedback and clarify misunderstandings.

The students’ engagement varies. During direct instruction, students listen, take notes, answer questions and observe. In class activities, teachers guide students to understand English by working through activities together. In independent studies, students demonstrate learning by completing various assignments.

Best Teaching Practices

The success of English 2020: Basic depends on the roles assumed by teachers and the students. Teachers begin with ‘Direct Teaching’ and move on to provide feedback and to coach. The students begin with ‘Watching/Listening/Asking-Questions/Answering-Questions and move on to completing assignments independently. Teachers and students should celebrate students’ success. The Class Activities are identified in Chart 1 and described briefly below.

Teacher’s Role Students’ Responses
Direct Teaching




Present Models



Take notes

Answer questioning

Remember strategies

Class Activities Applying and Practicing  Strategies
Predict, Check, Reflect

Rate Your Book Chart

Class Dictionary Chart: Content Words

Book Promotion

Class Dictionary Chart: Common Words

Writing Sentences

Role Play

Cloze Comprehension

Think I know/Want to Know/Learn

Five Finger Test

Sentence Pattern Chart

Predict and monitor understanding

Read for meaning

Read for text structure

Construct concept maps

Answer open ended questions

Make notes

Write sentences and paragraphs

Role play

Brainstorm, organize, draft, revise

Complete  class assignments

Independent Assignments Independent products
Set and Explain Criteria for Assessment

Provide specific supportive feedback

Celebrate successes

Draft, revise, reflect, refine, recycle through the process, produce final products

Celebrate successes