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Predict, Check, Reflect

Reading Class Activity – Predict, Check, Reflect

–          Begin by reading the title of the story, showing pictures or by reading several paragraphs.

–          Have students predict what they think the story will be about.

–          Record the student’s predictions on the blackboard.

–          Continue reading until students can prove, disprove or modify the predictions they made.

–          Finish the story or leave it at a turning point to create an interest for the next session.

–          Conduct a post reading discussion to discuss the students’ reasons for making their predictions. Also, discuss the clues the author provided or did not provide.

–          Have students reflect on what they learned

–          Introduce students to the Predict, Check Reflect Record Chart so that they can record, modify, check and reflect on their own predictions. This Chart can be used by students before, during and after reading to help them focus and reflect on the text.

Predict, Check Reflect Chart

Predict Check/Modify Reflect
Before Reading




After Reading
During Reading