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Sentence Pattern Chart

Reading Class Activity – Sentence Pattern Chart

Use the Sentence Pattern Chart to show graphically the four different patterns.

–          Write each word in the appropriate column.

–          Leave the Sentence Pattern column blank. Have students stick a post- it-note with the appropriate number in the column as a way of reviewing the four patterns.

–          Have students practice making simple sentences by substituting words for the subject, verb, object, predicate noun or adjective. (See examples below)

–          Add sentences to the Sentence Pattern Chart every week.

–          Review the sentences each week by having students identify the pattern. Role play sentences for the class.

Use the following sentences.

–          Children climb.

–          Bill hit the ball.

–          Jane is a musician.

–          This picture is old.

Sentence Pattern Chart

Subject Verb Object Predicate Noun/Pronoun Predicate Adjective Sentence


Children climb Pattern 1
Bill hit ball Pattern 2
Jane is musician Pattern 3
That picture is old Pattern 4