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Verb ‘be’ Chart

Writing Class Activity – Verb ‘be’ Chart

Explain the Verb ‘be’ Chart.

Have students make a personal verb chart for the verb ’be’.

Practice using the Verb Chart by choosing the correct form of the verb ‘be’ for each of the following sentences.

–          I________  twelve years old.             We _______ happy.

–          I ________   next year.                         We _______ happy tomorrow.

–          You _______ my friend.                      You _______ my friend.

–          You _______ my friend last summer.  You _______ my friend last summer.

–          He/she/it _______ young.                     They _______ young.

–          He/she/it ________ older soon.            They ________ older soon.

Explain that some linking verbs can also act as active verbs that have objects. Work through the examples. Have students memorize these verbs.

Verb ‘Be’ Chart

Verb ‘Be’ Present Tense Past Tense Future Tense
First Person singular I am I was I will be
Second Person Singular You are You were You will be
Third Person Singular He/she/it is He/she/it was He/ she/it will be
First Person Plural We are We were We shall be
Second Person Plural You are You were You will be
Third Person Plural They are They were They will be