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Word Wall

Vocabulary Class Activity – Word Wall

A Word Wall is a large bulletin board containing the vocabulary words students need to know. Begin by assigning (to pairs of students) two or three words they have just learned and have them print the words on cards 8 in. by 11in. Have the students find or draw pictures to match the words. Students present their words to the class by saying the words and showing the pictures. Then students tape their words and pictures on the Word Wall. Add new words to the word wall after they have been introduced. To develop and understand vocabulary, use the word wall over and over in many different ways. For example, once there are a variety of words on the word wall, you may ask students to find the nouns, verbs and other parts of speech. Another time you may focus on root words or prefixes and suffixes or adverbs and adjectives. Approximate 30 root words along with prefixes and suffixes provide the basis for more than 14,000 commonly used words in English.
The key features of a Word Wall can be summarized as follows: