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Desert – Quiz B

Test your knowledge about Desert

The fourth of the five classes of moral terms and judgments is ‘desert’.


Try this QUIZ. You may send your response to me … I will post some responses provided they comply with our Terms of Use. Look for my response to this Quiz.

1. Under what moral circumstances does a person deserve disapproval or an informal expression of disapproval?

2. On account of what do agents punish people?

3. On account of what does a person deserve punishment?

4. Do all morally bad acts deserve the same degree of punishment?

5. Does a person deserve punishment for willing to do wrong?

6. What if a person planned to commit a wrong act,such as a bank robbery,tried to execute the robbery,but failed to rob the bank?

7. Does a person deserve punishment for “sins of omission”or failure to do his duty?

8. What should determine the degree of severity of punishment?

9. What determines the connection between judgements about ‘desert’ and the other judgements (judgements about ‘duty’ and ‘rights’)?

10. Why do people take the question of desert very seriously?