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Justice – Quiz B

The fifth of the five classes of moral terms and judgments is ‘just/fair’.


Try this QUIZ. You may send your response to me … I will post some responses provided they comply with our Terms of Use. Look for my response to this Quiz.

1. How may the distribution affect the interests and needs of the recipients (including those who should be considered as recipients) relative to one another?

2. Which of the characteristics listed in the Question above must a distribution have in order for the distribution to be just?

3. For a distribution to be just,must it be made by a distributor who is impartial?

4. Are all distributions done with impartiality just?

5. Are all distributions done with impartiality just?

6. For a distribution to be just,must the distributor have the right to make the distributions?

7. When is the granting of a reward (i.e.,object of interest) just or unjust?

8. Are some cases of discriminatory distribution neither just nor unjust?

9. Is it possible for a just act ever to be wrong?

10. Is it possible for an person to deserve punishment and yet for it not to be just for a particular person to mete out the punishment?

11. Locke argues that in a state of nature everyone would have the right to punish but many would not have the power to do so. Do you agree with Locke? Explain.

12. What is meant by retributive justice?

13. How would you describe a just act?

14. How is it possible for the allocation of an object of interest or disinterest to one individual to be just?

15. Describe a morally bad action.