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Motive – Quiz A

Test your knowledge about Motives

The second of the five classes of moral terms and judgments is ‘motives’.


Try this QUIZ. You may send your response to me … I will post some responses provided they comply with our Terms of Use. Look for my response to this Quiz.

1. List as many terms as you know that refer to ‘morally good’ and ‘virtue’ as well as “morally bad”and ‘vice’.

2. How do we refer a person who is ‘morally bad’ or engaged in ‘vice’?

3. What conditions must be fulfilled for an act to be morally good?

4. What if a man does an act which is actually wrong but he believes it to be right and he does it from good motives?

5. What is a morally good motive?

6. What is a cynic’s reaction to a person who claims that he acted from a morally good motive?

7. Are there are other good motives besides the desire to do what is right or to do one’s duty?

8. Is ‘love’ a motive from which a non-moral agent could act?

9. Is it ever one’s duty to love someone?

10. Are all virtues are moral virtues?

11. Are some virtues,like truthfulness,are regarded as moral virtues?

12. Are “Morally good”and “virtuous”also applied to people and the character of people?

13. What if a person is often mistaken about what he believes to be right but he pursues it from a morally good motive?

14. Is a virtuous person the same as a morally good person?

15. Is “morally bad”simply the converse of “morally good”?