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Rights – Quiz A

Test your knowledge about Rights

The second of the five classes of moral terms and judgments is ‘rights’.


Try this QUIZ to find out for yourself. You may send your response to me … I will post some responses provided they comply with our Terms of Use. Look for my response to this Quiz.

1. What is meant by the statement,“John has a right to do X?

2. What does it mean to say that a person has a right to an object of interest?

3. Plato’s stated,“Every man has a right to be punished”. How can punishment be a right when it is clearly regarded as an object of disinterest?

4. How do you distinguish between actual objects of interest and potential objects of interest?

5. How do you distinguish between moral rights and legal rights?

6. How are ‘rights’ different from ‘duties’?

7. How many other terms which have a meaning similar as ‘rights’ can you identify”?

8. What does it mean to say that ‘John has a claim to X’?

9. Does ‘To be entitled to’ mean the same as ‘to be warranted in’?

10. Is the word “Legitimate”also used in a moral sense?