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Rights – Quiz B

Test your knowledge about Rights

The second of the five classes of moral terms and judgments is ‘rights’.


Try this QUIZ. You may send your response to me … I will post some responses provided they comply with our Terms of Use. Look for my response to this Quiz.

1. How does ‘ownership’ differ from ‘possession’?

2. How is the word “belong”used as a term of ownership?

3. What does it mean to have a prerogative?

4. What are some of the different ways we use the word ‘have’?

5. What are some different ways we use the word ‘earn’?

6. Is it true that for every duty a person has a corresponding right?

7. Is it the case that if John has a certain duty then someone else,Jane,has a certain right?

8. Do animals have rights?

9. Do plants have rights?

10. Is it the case that to every right there is a correlative duty?